Friday, 15 September 2017

Fund My Day

Today is going to be a very busy and expensive day for Me. I am meeting Miss Legs for a late lunch soon, and then We are going shopping. We already have a slave to carry Our bags, and will be spending tributes from slaves. Do you think We have enough money to spend? Of course not. We love shopping and We love it even more when you are paying.

Tonight We are going out for the first of My birthday nights out. We are meeting Miss Anna and Mistress Clare at 7 o’clock to eat at 7:30, then We are going for drinks and then a club to dance off Our meal until the early hours.

Fund My day and night out. Send Me money via giftrocket or email Me for paypal details. I will share pictures of what I have bought and some from Our night out with anyone who sends a cash tribute. My email address is

My birthday is next Thursday, 21 September. There are still items on My wishlist that I want to receive for My birthday. Here is a link to My wishlist .

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