Monday, 19 September 2016

Signing off..... for now.

I'm going to be away from all things online for around 20 days.
I will not respond to new applications during this time.
None of My online information will be updated.
I have temporarily removed all My sale items. Requests and enquiries will not be responded to for 20 days. I will reopen My shop when I am back online.
My holiday wishlist has been removed. All My other wishlists are open, I will be able to receive gifts.
My owned and contracted slaves and subs have had their instructions.
Mistress Eleanor

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Private Gallery Going.......

999 images remaining in My Private Gallery on Adultwork.
Click on My photo to see them, this could be your last chance.....

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Private Gallery - Update

I am removing more photos from Adultwork today. Click hereto view over 1,000 of My photos now, before they start to disappear.
Also, as long as My slaves are good boys and gurls today, I may even get chance to add more of My stuff for you to buy.
Visit My profile for My items for sale, and My gallery. Click My photo to go there.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

21 September - Tasks For My Birthday

New online tasks for My birthday.
These tasks are for My subs, slaves, sissies, and for any unowned sub who wants to make Me smile on My birthday.
Tasks are humiliation fetish, and birthday related.
Tributes for these tasks, send Me a birthday gift from My wishlist, by clicking on My birthday card. Send Me a message with My gift.

Amazon UK Gift Vouchers, click here, My email address is

Removing Private Gallery

I have started to remove images from My Private Gallery on Adultwork. I have had a large gallery on there for some time now, and I have decided that you losers have now had long enough to look at them all. The amount of images totalled 1141 when I started, and I plan to have the gallery showing less than half that many at any one time. Click on My picture to view My Profile, which includes My huge (for now) picture gallery and some items that I am selling.

My Birthday 21 September

It goes without saying, I have been updating My Amazon UK Wishlist often, coming up to My birthday. I have received many gifts already from My owned slaves. My wish lists are open to everyone. Click on My Birthday Cake to buy Me a birthday present.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

For Sale - Black PVC Mini Dress

Much loved, and much worn, I am selling My black PVC mini dress, with full lace up back.
I have enjoyed many sessions in this dress, the back opened up for My arse slaves to worship Me and My toilet slaves to receive their training.
Now is your opportunity to own this dress. Click on the picture of My dress to go to My Adultwork pages, and click on the Sales & Wishlists tab, to visit My shop (For Sale tab).

 Black PVC Mini Dress For Sale - Size 12 (UK)