Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wank Tax

All you nasty little wankers who have been masturbating all week, Wank Tax of £10 per wank is due tomorrow via Amazon UK Gift Certificate.

If you have been good enough to keep your filthy little fingers out of your pants this week, you may apply today to be given permission to masturbate tomorrow.
In your application, tell Me when you last masturbated, and why you think I should allow you the privilege this week. What will you do for Me if I allow you.
Applications to Me by midnight UK time.

My email address for your application is
This is also the email address for Amazon Gift Cards.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sticky Clitty By amber

Mistress Eleanor,
i followed the instructions and wrapped an entire roll of tape on my sissy clitty. As i started wrapping it got a little bit hard, but not too much. It started out being moderately uncomfortable, but not so much that it was a real problem. As time wore on, about 30 minutes, my ball started to have a dull ache, and became uncomfortable. At about the 45 minute mark, they begin to hurt. Not too bad at first, but definitely painful. at about 55 minutes i was in quite a bit of pain from the aching.
After the hour was up, i could not wait to get the tape off. As i began to unwrap my clitty, the tape broke a couple of times, slowing my progress considerably. At the end it was hopelessly stuck, and i had to pull it off. That caused a lot of pain, and i let out audible moans.
Once the tape was completely off, the return of the blood flow caused even greater pain, but fortunately it was short lived.
All in all, i feel it was a good experience, because it made me think of Mistress. Something i can't seem to do enough of lately.
Your sissy slave girl, amber

Saturday, 8 November 2014

tiffy Takes A Break To Eat

tiffy is allowed to take a break from her intense sissy training to cook herself a meal to eat.