Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pretty in Pink

Pink it is. 

I shall shave and pluck my toes. A sentence I never thought I would say type or even think. Funny how life takes a twist eh? 

 online slave training

As instructed I have plucked my toe hairs. (Who knew that would be stingy?)

 online slave training

I took my time and thoroughly de-varnished. 

 online slave training

Tape Task

Mistress Eleanor. 

This week having experienced last week was slightly better prepared, applying the tape feeling it tighten and squeeze my penis again made me smile and feel like I am owned.  The best feeling there is. This week whilst I was waiting I completed my birthday task for you. Thinking of you did make the task a bit harder and the tape a bit tighter. 

 sticky tape task

After the hour was up I yet again managed to pull out some hairs with the tape. Enough to make me swear lol. 

 homemade DIY chastity

How do I feel? As I said last week I do miss chastity as it makes me feel owned on a deep level. That being said once it was removed it feels nice to be able to have control of all of my body. 

Happy Birthday Mistress Eleanor

To the beautiful and unbelievably fantastic Mistress Eleanor. 

 Birthday wishes gifts

Happy birthday task. 

Tape Task

Mistress Eleanor slave training

As per your instructions Mistress I have made a home made chastity using sticky tape.  Posted the picture to twitter.

Masturbation Application

Mistress I would like to apply for permission to play and cum. I realise that I have not endured much or suffered for you just the opposite all I have experienced is joy at being owned by such a wonderful mistress, however, last week when you gave permission you only allowed 60 seconds which resulted in me being even more frustrated than before. I have nothing to offer other than complete obedience and a vow to complete whatever is necessary for this to happen. 


This morning I decided to treat myself and go for the smallest plug. I ran out of varnish just near the end so this weekend when shopping I will get more varnish and more knickers as it's apparent that three won't be enough. 

Tape Task

As soon as I  put the tape on I started to feel excited and the tape started to pull tight throughout the hour I couldn't settle and started to get restless and frustrated. As I removed the tape (very carefully as hairs were stuck) the first impression was one of freedom and a little of loss and as I touched fingers to skin first it felt smooth almost like it was exfoliated then it felt bare like something was missing. My lasting impression was one of longing to be in chastity and faithful  to my Mistress.
.Good evening Mistress Eleanor.

I hope my task last night was completed satisfactory. I hope this is the best email to send the task pictures to as I've sent my wank request

Here is the first picture at the beginning of the task

 online slave training

Very tightly bound