Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wank Tax

All you nasty little wankers who have been masturbating all week, Wank Tax of £10 per wank is due tomorrow via Amazon UK Gift Certificate.

If you have been good enough to keep your filthy little fingers out of your pants this week, you may apply today to be given permission to masturbate tomorrow.
In your application, tell Me when you last masturbated, and why you think I should allow you the privilege this week. What will you do for Me if I allow you.
Applications to Me by midnight UK time.

My email address for your application is
This is also the email address for Amazon Gift Cards.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sticky Clitty By amber

Mistress Eleanor,
i followed the instructions and wrapped an entire roll of tape on my sissy clitty. As i started wrapping it got a little bit hard, but not too much. It started out being moderately uncomfortable, but not so much that it was a real problem. As time wore on, about 30 minutes, my ball started to have a dull ache, and became uncomfortable. At about the 45 minute mark, they begin to hurt. Not too bad at first, but definitely painful. at about 55 minutes i was in quite a bit of pain from the aching.
After the hour was up, i could not wait to get the tape off. As i began to unwrap my clitty, the tape broke a couple of times, slowing my progress considerably. At the end it was hopelessly stuck, and i had to pull it off. That caused a lot of pain, and i let out audible moans.
Once the tape was completely off, the return of the blood flow caused even greater pain, but fortunately it was short lived.
All in all, i feel it was a good experience, because it made me think of Mistress. Something i can't seem to do enough of lately.
Your sissy slave girl, amber

Saturday, 8 November 2014

tiffy Takes A Break To Eat

tiffy is allowed to take a break from her intense sissy training to cook herself a meal to eat.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

10 New Online Tasks

So, you are too pathetic and scared to submit to Me and be My true slave.
you think you are too worthless for Me to accept you as My full time, or long term submissive.
Well, you probably are, but this should not stop you from trying. Try to please Me. Try to impress Me. Try to submit to My Superiority.
I enjoy watching you humiliate yourself for Me and My attention. I enjoy watching you grovel and beg to be allowed to serve Me. Whether I accept you and all you are worth is up to you.
I have now got some new online tasks for you to try out. There are 10 of them, and the number you complete will be for your choice. The more you complete, the happier I will be.
I do not often give My slaves, subs, sissies much of a choice, once they are under My control. But these tasks are available to new subs to get a feel for whether the lifestyle is truly for them, or whether it is simply the idea of it that appeals.
I do not need any of you, and when subs run off, or disappear during training, it simply makes Me smile at how pathetic they are, and I deal with the next one who is begging to serve Me.

So here is what I am offering;
There are 10 tasks to complete. you may complete one or more or all ten tasks.
Send a tribute of £10 for one task, or £50 to receive all ten tasks.
Each task has no contract attached to it.
None of the tasks have a deadline.
These tasks are available from now until the last day of the year, Wednesday 31 December 2014.
If you are My owned slave, you may apply for these tasks in addition to your training and/or servitude.

Send My tribute using Gift Rocket or Amazon UK vouchers for these tasks, and email your request to Me at; Use "Task Request" as the email title.
In certain circumstances, I will accept PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank Transfer for these tasks. Ask for details when you make your request.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sticky maggot

 Take a roll of sticky tape, and stick it around your flaccid penis as tight as you can wrap it. Wrap it fully up and down the length, and underneath your testicles. Keep wrapping, and wrapping, all the way around until the tape runs out.

 Once fully taped, take a photo of it and send it to Me via email. Keep the tape in place for no less than 60 minutes. Set an alarm if it will help. you may dress over the top if necessary.

 Send Me another photo to My email when you have been wrapped for the full 60 minutes. Send Me a 3rd email when you have unwrapped, and describe the physical and mental feeling of the release. Use as many or as few words as it takes for this description.

 Do not masturbate or stimulate yourself in any other way. I do not need a picture of your unwrapped penis.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Attention Foot Fetishists, Foot Sniffers, Shoe Sniffers.....

I am selling these sandals to the highest bidder.
Bidding ends this Friday, 10 October 2014.
Send your best offer to Me at before midnight on Friday for your chance to own these sandals.

I have worn these cute sandals all through the Summer of 2014, and I have walked for miles and miles in them. Yes, they do stink.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Chastity Training

Chasity training is available for novice subs and experiences subs and slaves.
you should read this article, which gives practical advice to subs at all levels who are choosing a device.
I will give guidance individually, as part of your training, and will train for chastity in person and online.
If I agree to be your Keyholder, you will be under strict instructions of what to do and will only be released from chastity as and when I say so.
Emergency removals will be possible, but they will not please Me at all, and if you waste My time because you have gone against My advise, prepare to be punished.
Click the image to apply to Me for chastity training.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Taped & Pegged

i don't feel my nipples, i don't feel any place where pegs are attached, but nipples are hot and very, very painful. When i detach the peg, it is more painful than everything. i'm in pain Mistress. i forgot my maggot, my nipples kill me.
i understand i'm only a nameless, faceless body, and this body belong to You, Mistress Eleanor. i'm nothing only a plaything for Your amusement, i'm in pain with Your orders and i don't think about my pain, my pain is unimportant. When you laugh at me, i'm happy. i hope i have finished the most painful 60 minutes of my life, and i hope not to be made again, to complete this task. but i'm in fear.You are a creative sadist, Mistress. i beg You Mistress, do not punish me for my mail.
i'm Your slave Mistress.
i adore You Mistress.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Online Work Available - slave Position: web slave

slave Position: web slave

There is a slave position available as My web slave.

Duties include:
web site design and website building
graphics and animation design
updating My website information and images
updating, promoting, linking

Write to Me at: to apply.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Financial Domination & Money slavery

I first discovered I could manipulate a slave via his finances by accident. I had heard of FinDoms while surfing the internet, and as a Mistress and Domme to many submissives, slaves and sissy girls over the years, I was unimpressed with the concept of the fetish. I did not understand the power and control that could be gained from it. But then when it happened entirely by accident, the whole meaning of it clicked into place. I had seen a few money slavery, or "pay pig" websites, but there seemed to be none that required any skill from the Dominant Female, often She was just demanding money from all readers of her website. I was certainly not impressed by any of the websites that I had seen.

While I was exploring Distance Domination via email some time ago, some pathetic loser signed up for My online training course. I set the first two tasks, which were completed correctly. I set the third task, and he simply ignored the email. I issued his punishment, and he ignored that. I questioned his reasons for ignoring My email, and he ignored that too. I told him that if he did not pay a fine of £100 within 7 days, I would release his task photos on the internet. The next day, he paid Me £100. I told him that this was not a buy out, and that he still had tasks 3-7 to complete, 5 assignments short of his contracted 7. he was instructed to complete the third slave training task within 7 days, or pay a further £100. This continued until his 30 day contract ended.

he has signed up for My training and followed this pattern 8 times. The ransom amounts and deadlines differ, but he pays up on time, even when I demand My money quickly, so his information and photos remain safe.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Online slave training

Online training is available to all subs, whether you have experience or not. It may be taken alongside real time sessions and one to one training, but may be taken by itself. No specialised equipment is required for online training, and this type of training is available daily, whether My diary shows I have availability or not.
Mainly online training, or distance training, is given via email, but occasionally via messenger, with or without a webcam. A camera of some type is required for this training, so that I have visual proof that tasks have been completed. The quality of images does not matter, I just need to see that the content of the photograph corresponds to the completed task. If you do not have a camera, most modern mobile phones have cameras attached, and you can take photos with a webcam. Webcams are built in to most new laptops.
For the moment, subs can only enrol in online training via My website, and fees are only accepted via paypal. I have plans to offer other ways to enrol, but no alternative method is accepted right now.  Click here for further enrolment details.
Tasks vary so much from each other, and from one sub to another. If you have any special interests, say so in your application. Also include the following things when you apply;
if you have any toys, equipment or clothes, as I may use them in training if I know you have them.
the usual hours and days you have available to complete your tasks, I will set deadlines and pace the course accordingly.
a little about your life, family, the kind of property you live in, who you share your living space with, work etc. It will help Me to write your tasks.
any activity that is absolutely beyond your known limits.

Any other information that you would like Me to consider when writing your course of online training.
If you fail to include this information, I will assume that you have no issues preventing you from completing your tasks at any time, with no limits to the type of tasks you will complete.