Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Taped & Pegged

i don't feel my nipples, i don't feel any place where pegs are attached, but nipples are hot and very, very painful. When i detach the peg, it is more painful than everything. i'm in pain Mistress. i forgot my maggot, my nipples kill me.
i understand i'm only a nameless, faceless body, and this body belong to You, Mistress Eleanor. i'm nothing only a plaything for Your amusement, i'm in pain with Your orders and i don't think about my pain, my pain is unimportant. When you laugh at me, i'm happy. i hope i have finished the most painful 60 minutes of my life, and i hope not to be made again, to complete this task. but i'm in fear.You are a creative sadist, Mistress. i beg You Mistress, do not punish me for my mail.
i'm Your slave Mistress.
i adore You Mistress.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Online Work Available - slave Position: web slave

slave Position: web slave

There is a slave position available as My web slave.

Duties include:
web site design and website building
graphics and animation design
updating My website information and images
updating, promoting, linking

Write to Me at: to apply.