Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Updating My Wishlists

slaves dealt with, for tonight.
I am now updating My wish lists
Amazon UK Email Gift Cards to 

First Task for My newest successful online slave applicants

I have now set your initial task to begin your training. Check your inbox to see if you have received a message from Me. Check the kind of training schedule I have deemed appropriate for you. The deadline for your first task is 12 hours from receiving your instruction.
No message from Me? Complete this task, here.

Updated - Online Work Available - slave Position: Twitter slave

slave Position: twitter slave

slave positions available as My twitter slaves.

 #twitterslaves @MistressEleanor

Duties include:
tweeting and retweeting My tweets, My retweets, and your own tweets as instructed by Me
follow and followback tweeps of interest as instructed by Me
tweeting My pics, retweeting My twitterpics, and commenting on My twitterpics
tweeting your own pics, as instructed by Me
other weekly twitter based tasks as instructed.

Write to Me at: to apply. Follow Me on Twitter and retweet all My tweets from the last 7 days, before you apply.


In My inbox, reading new online slave applications.
Tip: Here is how I select.
Every day, usually in the evening, I read all applications from that day. I delete anything that is not worth any of My time. From the remaining messages, I select the 2 that are going to be of most use, or most amusement, or both. The rest sit in My inbox, until I am bored, until I dismiss a current slave, or until I have time for you, or a job for you. If My response to your application has taken some time, you can take it that you are, at best, average, at worst, the dregs of the applicants. Can you improve your application?
Yes, you may apply again. Apologise for your recent application attempt. Offer Me something I want. Send Me a gift or a tribute. Complete this task, detailed on My website, or any task detailed on this blog.

Online slave Progress

I have been taking charge of new online slaves, again, for almost 5 months now. I have had little time to update My blogs, as My newest slaves, sluts and toys have been keeping Me busy and amused so far.
Some applicants have been unsuccessful, as expected. My message to these is, Try harder. Not I, nor any other Mistress will put up with lazy losers who simply cannot be bothered to offer themselves properly to their potential Mistress.
Basically, if you are not giving gifts or cash, and you are not useful in anyway to A Mistress, you might as well just save yourself the trouble of typing that useless 5 word email, because these just get deleted.
To successful slave/sub/sissy applicants. Well done, on passing the first test. And, yes, everything you do is a test. Some of you, however, failed to follow basic instructions in early training, and have since been quickly dismissed. Try harder. I do not have the time, nor the inclination, to chase any of you around. Later apologies and promises will likely be ignored.

Thank you to the following slaves;
Good work. I am proud of you. Check your inbox for your new targets.