Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Now taking online slavery applications

I am taking online applications from potential new slaves.
I have returned following one year off from real time professional sessions and online training.
I have enjoyed My year, playing with My long term subs and slaves.
I am not returning to real time ProDomme sessions at the moment.
Details of positions available will appear on My blog soon.
online slave application

I have time to deal with 10 of you.
Send your application to Me via 
Make sure your application to serve Me is detailed. If I start to read it and am unimpressed, you will likely be ignored.
Tributes and gifts via Amazon UK
Amazon UK gift certificates, £40 minimum 
Click here to send to My email address 
Click here to send Me a gift from My wishlist.
I will also be starting my Only fans page from scratch soon, including regular photos and tasks as well as opportunities for interaction with any sub or slave that completes the tasks there to My satisfaction. If your application does not impress Me, I may be generous to give you the chance to prove yourself via My only fans page.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

21 September is My Birthday

It is My birthday on 21 September. This is less than one month away. Remember the date.
The absolute, very least I expect is a happy birthday wish in My inbox.
I want presents. I have picked out a few things and added them to My wish list
The things I want suit every budget, so no excuses
Buy Me a Birthday Present Now
I love cash gifts via gift rocket and amazon gift certificates.
My email address for these, and for My birthday messages, is