Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Online slave training

Online training is available to all subs, whether you have experience or not. It may be taken alongside real time sessions and one to one training, but may be taken by itself. No specialised equipment is required for online training, and this type of training is available daily, whether My diary shows I have availability or not.
Mainly online training, or distance training, is given via email, but occasionally via messenger, with or without a webcam. A camera of some type is required for this training, so that I have visual proof that tasks have been completed. The quality of images does not matter, I just need to see that the content of the photograph corresponds to the completed task. If you do not have a camera, most modern mobile phones have cameras attached, and you can take photos with a webcam. Webcams are built in to most new laptops.
For the moment, subs can only enrol in online training via My website, and fees are only accepted via paypal. I have plans to offer other ways to enrol, but no alternative method is accepted right now.  Click here for further enrolment details.
Tasks vary so much from each other, and from one sub to another. If you have any special interests, say so in your application. Also include the following things when you apply;
if you have any toys, equipment or clothes, as I may use them in training if I know you have them.
the usual hours and days you have available to complete your tasks, I will set deadlines and pace the course accordingly.
a little about your life, family, the kind of property you live in, who you share your living space with, work etc. It will help Me to write your tasks.
any activity that is absolutely beyond your known limits.

Any other information that you would like Me to consider when writing your course of online training.
If you fail to include this information, I will assume that you have no issues preventing you from completing your tasks at any time, with no limits to the type of tasks you will complete.