Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Masturbation Applications

Today I will be accepting applications for wanking right tomorrow.
Send your begging letters to Me at
Tell Me why I should accept your application, why do you deserve it, and what will you do for Me if I allow you release tomorrow on wanker's Wednesday.
Tax may be payable as a cash tribute or as a task forfeit.
Make it good, or the application will be denied.
A maximum of 10 subs will have their applications accepted.

 slave masturbation application

Task Tuesday

Take a roll of sticky tape, and stick it around your flaccid penis as tight as you can wrap it. Wrap it fully up and down the length, and underneath your testicles. Keep wrapping, and wrapping, all the way around until the tape runs out.

Once fully taped, take a photo of it and send it to Me via email. Keep the tape in place for no less than 60 minutes. Set an alarm if it will help. you may dress over the top if necessary.

Send Me another photo to My email when you have been wrapped for the full 60 minutes.

Send Me a 3rd email when you have unwrapped, and describe the physical and mental feeling of the release. Use as many or as few words as it takes for this description.

Do not masturbate or stimulate yourself in any other way.
I do not need a picture of your unwrapped penis.

 online slave training tape task

Monday, 5 June 2017

Wank Tax

A "No Wanking" policy is currently in force to all slaves, subs, sissies, sluts and all you other useless objects. The "No Wanking" rule should be observed between the hours of
00:00 on Thursday until 23:59 on Tuesday.
Every Wednesday is Wank Day.
Mistress Eleanor will grant 10 of you permission to masturbate once, every week on Wank Day.
The rest of you will either have to pay the Wank Tax, or apply again next week.
Applicants will be required to perform a small task to receive their wanking rights. Offer your services to Me in your application, or I will give you a task to perform.
Wank Tax of £10 is payable via Amazon UK gift certificate if you've had your hands down your pants without permission.
Wank Tax should be paid as soon after you have disgraced yourself as you can, but no later than the Wednesday following the day you got your fingers sticky.
No exceptions!

Pay up and confess. Apply for your weekly wank, or your personalised masturbation schedule.

Use email address


To My slaves, subs, sissies, trainees, pets, toys, and hopeful applicants,
Good afternoon. I write to inform you that My websites are undergoing some changes. you need not know the details, but a few things about the websites and the servers have been annoying Me for some time. I shall be annoyed no more.
Until such a time when I have dealt with these matters, this blog will be the main place for My news, updates, stories, photos, and clips. The paid / owned slave / member section of My website will be copied in part, and replaced in part, to My Onlyfans page. If you are partway through an online course there, I will send instructions to your inbox over the next few days. I won't leave My little puppies chasing their tails.
I do, of course, have sessions to attend and slaves to deal with, online and in real time, so My websites will be down for as long as it takes Me to get to them. 
I can be contacted for online training at
All slaves should now update their pages and profiles to show a link to this blog as a replacement to all other links. slaves currently under My control have already received My instructions on this. I will check up on you in due course.
I will transfer information from My website to My blog, and redirect My blog links to the relevant posts.
I will share news on My websites' progress here. 
Mistress Eleanor

 kneel and lay cash at My feet